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  1. J

    Solved! Sony FS100U Repair Image Database missing video files

    Sony FS100U received a notification on screen that I needed to repair the image database file. When I did, all my files are GONE. Yet the "Get info" tab on my Mac shows 9.47gb of space is used up on my card out of 128GB. All my folders are empty when viewed in camera or on PC. Where are my video...
  2. A

    How to convert modified TS Format

    Hi everyone. I just recorded a TV program thorugh my provider's decoder to an USB and later opened it in my PC. The file format is TS (I did my research and found it is a MPEG-2 type of container), but sadly none of my programs can open it (VLC, Media Player). Then I looked for converters for...
  3. Supahawk01

    Burning a CD like a play as DVD.

    As the title says, I need to burn a small video (18 Minutes/175MBs) to some 700MB CDs, and I need it to play on a DVD player. I have tried a guide online but I ended up being told by the program that it didn't fit on the CD because it became a 1.2GB file... How does175MB turn into 1.2GBs? I...
  4. M

    Regular Sony Vegas 1080p 60fps file size?

    For anyone with alot of experience with Sony Vegas pro, after you render a video, specifically in 1080p 60fps, how big should a 8 minute video be? Mine are about 1.1 Gb for a 8 minute video. Is that bigger than normal and should change my render settings or is that normal? Thanks.
  5. G

    File Association Issue

    Hey all, So I have a weird issue. I am trying to associate a file type (.epub) with firefox. I have done this in the past with no issue. Right Click > Properties > "Opens With:" - Change > Locate the program (Firefox) via the browse option > Click on Firefox.exe > click open and...nothing...
  6. B

    Microstation file association problem

    Hello, Bentley Microstation is loaded on my office PC. Normal screen savers (.SCR) share format extension with Microstation Resource files (.SCR). Problem is that screen savers now have Bentley icons and don't allow access to the normal attributes of screen savers. Tried to disassociate from...
  7. N

    File association batch file

    I am trying to create a .bat file that will set .ica to wfica32.exe for citrix apps. Here is my code. When i run the following .bat file it appears to have changed, but does not actually change the program .ica opens with and still says the previous file association in the gui tool. ECHO OFF...