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  1. A

    Divide large FLAC file into several - without CUE file

    Hi everybody. Great to be here. I am hoping someone can help me here (sorry if this is the wrong section). I have recently bought a digital FLAC file. It is an entire music album and I want to divide it into several files (by the songs). The thing is, the download did not come with a CUE file...
  2. T

    Dxtory Help! (Audio channels screwed on file conversion)

    So i've been using dxtory for a while and the quality and output is excellent, but youtube is taking years to upload 720p videos with my ISP (around 9000 minutes for a 1.4gb video!!!), so i tried to convert the video using freemake video converter (also i moved the video to my android phone...
  3. P

    Opening .uea files without Protector Suite

    Hi everybody, any help at all with this issue will be appreciated, because I've hit a wall with Google. I had a Sager Notebook with a fingerprint reader, and I created an encrypted archive with some of my important documents. It has a .uea extension, and as far as I can tell, it's only able...
  4. viveknayyar007

    I Don't Want Nokia PC Suite to Prompt for Video File Conversion While Copying

    Nokia PC Suite, as a software contains many features to make users’ experience convenient. One of the major features that Nokia PC Suite offers is the ability to copy media files from a Nokia phone to the computer system, making the file transfer operation even easier for the users. When the...
  5. S

    File conversion

    I have a bunch of old jukebox files and would like to convert them to mp3 files, so I can load them onto my ipod. however, jukebox is no longer playable on my pc. Any suggestions how I convert those files and not lose tons of music? Thank you so much!
  6. B

    Excel File Conversion

    I have hundreds of Excel spreadsheets with .xls file formats since they are 1997-2003 worksheets. Many of these spreadsheets have macros but are still .xls formats. I recently purchases office 2010 and am now using the new version of Excel. The new version appears to use .xlsx for worksheets...
  7. X

    Help Me with a File Conversion

    Can anyone convert this file to a .CSV. I have been stumped on this for days and I really need help.