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  1. gabriel.nicolae313

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad 5 14iil05 display flickering at startup

    I just bought a new lenovo 5 14iil05 laptop, I installed windows 10 and the latest drivers: -Latest intel gpu driver as per lenovo support page -Latest chip driver as per lenovo support page -Latest bios update as per lenovo support page Every time it boots up ( whether I press on the button or...
  2. B

    Solved! Laptop screen won't stop flickering.

    Okay, so a little bit of background. I've been having problems with my laptop screen flickering for a while after startup for some time. A bit after it's turned on(specifically the screen) , it would start flickering with a lot of red mirroring of the image on the screen for several seconds, up...
  3. C

    Solved! Detecting Flickering lights in prep before shooting

    Does anyone find light flickering tedious to fix on set? It's often checked using an in-camera test during a shoot which can slow down production. Is there any reliable & convenient way to detect light flickering given a target fps & shutter during prep instead? I've heard bad stories about the...
  4. A

    My ASUS laptop screen flickers

    My asus laptop's screen flickers when the battery level reaches close to 60%. But there is no problem when used on power supply.
  5. Arintas

    Grey lined flickering screen with dark colors

    For a quite long time my CUBOT x6 has a disturbing grey lined flickering, really darker colors and wtf-are-those-from barely visible apps names or details behind background.(?) These flickers are visible on dark colors. Sometimes they are very active, sometimes just visible. Colors are dark and...
  6. S

    laptop screen flickers and black out

    Laptop- Toshiba satellite C850 Os- windows 8 The laptop was working fine but after installing win8 few days later the screen started flickering right from the start logo and get black. It remains black I tried connecting it to tv using hdmi but got no signal problem. But when i remove hdmi my...
  7. C

    Acer V3-572P Screen Flicker Issue

    Hi, My Acer V3-572P's screen has a very bad flicker. Whenever I move the screen black/white lines cover the screen to the point I can't see anything. It happens less when the screen is not moved but still noticeable and has gotten worse slowly so now I can barely use my laptop. I think it has...
  8. T

    Fire Strike 2013 flickering smoke

    Hi, dont know if this is the exact place to post this but this seems to be the closest. in Fire Strike 2013 i notice once i go past certain points in overclocking smoke begins to flicker, like its only being rendered by one of my cards in SLI. is this a SLI bug or is it a visual artifact caused...
  9. P

    HP Elitebook 6930P Strange behavior/Problem.

    Hello. recently my HP Elitebook 6930 is showing a problem. whenever my charger is connected its display flickers and when its removed its fine. it happens sometime. its own charger with which it came was damaged so bought another one original but used as new ones which are imported here are not...