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    Solved! Is it possible that my ssd is about to die, or virus?

    Hey, recently my PC started acting really weird. So i decided to investigate this and scan my PC. I started getting blue screenvof death with error code memory_management. Later i noticed that i cant open/run any antivirus programs, they started crashing instantly. So i decided to format my...
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    find my mobile

    i lost my mobile, thats person switch off my mobile,please find the mobile,my mobile number is <<Personal info removed by moderator>>
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    Format SSD PC wont boot

    I have an old pc that does not boot up into windows, I want to use the ssd that is installed with Windows 10 for my new PC but not as the OS drive, only as storage for games. (I have a new m.2 for my new pc's OS) How can I erase everything off the ssd installed in my old pc, ready for my new...