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    Question AMD Ryzen 3 2200G RX 570 problems in Battlefield 5

    Hello, I have this second "budget" setup with AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, RX 570 4gb Sapphire nitro+, Gigabyte B450m motherboard and 16gb ddr4 3200mhz g.skill RAM. I'm having problems in Battlefield 5. I'm playing on medium settings with DX11 on 1080p. I'm getting even 100fps+ but average is 70-80...
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    Question MSI GL62M 7REX performance issues

    I have a 1050TI, 8GB ram, i7 7700k and I am getting really bad performance for some reason. I used to be able to play far cry 5 on default settings with only minimal lag when going into new areas and such like that, but now almost every time i turn around, i get frame tearing and a lot of fps...
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    Question lag spikes/FPS drops

    My Laptop battery was dead so I removed it and since then I'm getting massive lag spikes during online games ONLY, other regular games are working fine my "GPU drivers are updated, no heating issues, no resource issues, no network issues"?
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    Question My laptop suddenly started having low frame rates while playing a game and eventually crashed.

    I have an asus laptop with an intel i3-8109u processor, a GeForce MX130 graphics card, and 4 gb of DDR4 ram. I was playing GTA V with medium graphics while MSI Afterburner was running, at the start I was having 30-40 fps and my gpu temperatures were around 50°C-60°C with only 60-70% usage while...
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    Huge fps drops from 500 to 20

    Hey, fellow tomsguide users I have this huge problem when I play my fps are smooth and drop down very low .. So for example when I play Minecraft Im getting about 500fps and every like 10 secons my fps drop down to 20 for about 3 seconds and then go back to 500fps and do the same again and...
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    FPS drop After a few minutes Playing

    This issue has occurred since a month ago. When i begin to play any game like Assassin's creed 4, BattleField3, Total War: Shogun 2,... it runs smoothly (50-60fps) in just 5-10 minutes and high setting... Then randomly, the FPS drops like hell (10-20 fps, lower in AC4)... Sometime, when i...