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  1. JaxTheHax12

    Question reset pc, now i have super low fps

    I used to get 120 fps on my games, and especially modded Minecraft, and recently I reset my pc and when I went back to play my games the fps wouldn't go above 20 fps, I remember when i first got the pc I had an online friend to help me with changing some settings, but I'm no longer in contact...
  2. IamYoyogaming

    Question extreme performance loss on hp omen 15. how to fix?

    My hp omen 15 gaming laptop decreased so much in performance i even upgraded to ssd and ran many anti viruses. Still nothing happened. I was play MINECRAFT BEDWARS then it suddenly got from 180FPS down to 9 and it barely even passed 25. GPU: RTX 2070 SUPER MAX-Q CPU: INTEL I-710750H 2.6 SPEED...
  3. stealthgh0st

    Question How much RPM should my fans have and what is wrong with it?

    My laptop is HP Pavilion - 15-cc502ne I bought it in 2017. After a year and a half, my 2 TB harddisk burned, which I understood something was wrong with it but didn't know much what happened. Then after a few weeks battery was swollen too I told maybe because I used that semi burned harddisk...
  4. B

    Lenovo-Y50 not Having FPS Rates it Should, Stuck on 60 FPS.

    Hey Y'all, I'm in a bit of a situation. Recently I purchased the Lenovo-Y50 laptop (got it a few days ago) and I am very confused as to why the frame rate on games such as Call of Duty: World at War and Minecraft are not above 60. I have done some researching but I can't seem to fix this issue...