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  1. George2016

    Will higher frequency RAM work on my PC ?

    I have a quite old PC with the following specs: Motherboard: Biostar P4M900-M7 SE Ver. 7.1 CPU: Intel Core 2Duo E4400 2Ghz(Max. RAM frequency 800Mhz) Support FSB(front-side bus): 533/800/1066Mhz RAM: 1Gb DDR2 640Mhz(2x 512Mb) HDD: 250Gb Seagate Barracuda SATA II Graphics card: ATI Radeon...
  2. A

    LG TV optical PCM output distortion (clipping, fuzzy...) to soundbar

    Hi All, I'm experiencing a very strange issue with my HDTV (LG 42LB5610) and new soundbar (LG LAS350B). Okay, first the issue itself, and then the circumstances how it shows up: The issue: Audio output via optical cable from TV sounds... incorrect. I don't know how to describe it best --...
  3. J

    Sony HDR PJ820: How do you change the flickering frequency?

    Hello everyone, so I had recently gotten a Sony HDR PJ820 and I came upon an issue where I am unfamiliar with the settings and I'm hoping someone that has this handycam or a similar handycam (Maybe all settings on Sony handycams are the same) could help me with the issue. So I came upon the...