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  1. R

    Bypass a reset FTP or FRP

    After hard reset on RCA tablet Voyager 3 tablet ask for previous email and password prior to reset had it written down but now is lost how do I bypass the FTP or FRP?
  2. N

    PC Audio to RCA 5.1 Surround Sound System

    Hello. I've recently purchased an HP Omen pre-built desktop PC and would like to plug it into my old surround sound system. The system is a Panasonic SC-DM3 (the guide for which can be found here), and only takes red and white RCA inputs. The problem is, my PC only has HDMI, optical, 3.5mm...
  3. D

    batch file using FTPS in schedule

    [Moderator note: moved post from Networking to Applications General Discussion.] Hello. I bumped into a problem with Windows Task scheduler... So i made a batch file that is supposed to upload files of certain file type to external ftp and then move the files from the local folder to another...
  4. C

    No audio from home theater system when watching TV but sound with videos and radio

    I have an HDMI cable connecting my Panasonic Home Theater surround sound system, model # SC-PT650. Link to manual: ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/hometheater/om/sc-pt650_en_om.pdf There is no sound coming from the home theater when watching TV, which is hooked up to a cable box. There is sound when a...
  5. D

    Private File Server with static links.

    I'm almost done with one of my programs, but I realized when putting the update function in: "Since this is a paid program, sourceforge would make the updates public." And since this is a DOS program, ftp doesn't work (at least, not with wget). Also, when I upload the updates under "LATEST.ZIP"...
  6. S

    Good FTP file app

    I am looking for an FTP app for an android phone that can share my files with another android device or pc or iphone/ipad. I am then looking for a good FTP client for my iPad that can index my files into music or videos or pictures so that I can play all my music from my phone on my ipad right...
  7. S

    Tether Camera to network/ftp for remote shooting

    I want to setup a dslr at home and be able to shoot from my iphone. Is there a camera, adapter, or setup I can use to shoot photos while I'm at work thru my iphone? So far I see wifi cameras but its only when your phone is near. I saw something on nikon about ftp connection but not much...
  8. I

    what software to use to auto upload/sync folder via FTP?

    I am trying to use FileZilla FTP and it is fast and neat .. to one directional sync / upload a HUGE folder .. but if I restart my laptop .. I need to start over again :/ I am trying to find a better option .. preferably so the job will start on boot / net connection / drive re-connection ...
  9. S

    how good is bitdefender firewall

    as compared to windows firewall? I have Bitdefender Total Security 2016 installed on windows 10 Bitdefender firewall was blocking FTP connections. First I tried through windows explorer, but the issue persisted even after I installed a dedicated FTP app. I read the thread on it at bitdefender...
  10. S

    smart backup from ftp

    there is a set of files on a website that I access by FTP. I copied the whole set to my PC, for a backup. Now I am looking for a way to make a smart backup of those files. In other words, a system that will identify changes in the set of files on the website, and back up to my PC only the...
  11. L

    Digital Zoom Camera with built in FTP client...Do they exist?

    My smartphone has the ability to upload pictures via FTP. This is a nice feature for evaluation and processing of images on my computer. I purchased a Nikon Coolpix L840 thinking that its built in WiFi capability would do the same. It doesn't. The camera's WiFi only allows you to get images...
  12. S

    ftp phone to laptop - timeout error with copy

    Hi! I copy files from android cell phone to Win 7 laptop via ftp connection. This had worked fine, but now I'm getting timeout errors with the copy. Here's a description of what I do: 1. Turn on wifi on the phone (which presumably connects to my home's wifi). 2. Start ES File Manager's Remote...
  13. D

    Automatic Synchronization multiple download

    Hello I'm urgently looking for a reliable synchronization program that is able to perform multiple file download/upload/with FTP client. I have now always sync n go and it work perfectly except for the fact that its 1 file at a time. I have 10gb to sync with many computers and 1 file at a...
  14. S

    Finding a provider to upload images using FTP

    Apologies if this thread is best served in another forum but this one seemed to me to be the most relevant one and I am becoming desperate! It might be me just being thick but I simply cannot find a provider that will allow the following. All I'm looking for is a FTP server (if that's the...
  15. G

    i need help!

    i need help looking for a laptop that could run world of tanks on low-med settings 20-30 fps. im just looking for a laptop that can run it. plz help..... thanks in advance
  16. L

    SSH Script to Pull File from Server

    Hello All, To start off I created a PowerShell script that worked wonderful for pulling the weekly .csv file from the server and deleting it afterwards. This was done on our QA server. Here's the code: $File = "c:\wp test\$(get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd).csv" $ftp =...
  17. G

    How To: A Quick Guide to Filezilla

    Check out this quick guide to the basics of the popular FTP program Filezilla! How To: A Quick Guide to Filezilla : Read more
  18. bjaminnyc

    File Transfer Help

    Can anyone recommend a simple home FTP server solution? I've done a few searches and most point to Filezilla Server. I'm familiar with the Filezilla FTP client but not Server. My home connection is Fios. I'm basically wanting to transfer encrypted data [PC (External)] -> [PC (Home)] via...
  19. whatelsematters

    Help me find an alternative to FTP for my dad

    Hi nerds! Here's the situation: my dad creates lots of 70-100 mb files that his clients need access to on a regular basis. He texted me the other day to see if I could set up an FTP server for him, and I immediately wondered if there isn't something much simpler and easier out there, maybe even...
  20. rhydiansmith

    Epox FTP not working....need drivers.

    Hi I've tried to connect to the Epox FTP site: or ftp.epox.com with the username and password 'epoxsupprt' which has worked for me in the past, but has stopped working now. I've tried using web browsers like IE an Chrome to connect, and FileZilla FTP client. I need...
  21. T

    Batch file FTP help

    I am writing a batch file that will download a file from an ftp site. I have written batch files before but am new to the FTP side of it. Here is what I have so far. echo open ipaddress 950>>ftpbat.txt echo anonymous>>ftpbat.txt echo batscript@pccaresupport.com>>ftpbat.txt echo...
  22. Archean

    Firefox 6 quietly released ahead of official launch

    Firefox 6 is slated for an official release on Tuesday Mozilla has already thrown up the installation files on its FTP server for those who want to get their hands on the final code early. The next version of the popular open source browser doesn't bring major UI changes, but it is reportedly...
  23. G

    I am looking for a free and good FTP synchronizer

    Hello, I need a software that can take care of automatically synchronizing some particular folders on my system with a remote FTP server. Any ideas ? Thanks :-)
  24. exfileme

    Trojan Stealing Amazon, Symantec FTP Info

    A trojan is collecting FTP information from popular websites such as Amazon, the BBC, Symantec, and more. Trojan Stealing Amazon, Symantec FTP Info : Read more
  25. G

    Attackers Harvest FTP Credentials With New Crimeware Toolkit

    Security researchers discovered that new malicious code spread through the black market is making its way onto some of the largest corporate Web sites in the world. Attackers Harvest FTP Credentials With New Crimeware Toolkit : Read more
  26. K

    what software to use to break a big file into chunks

    hi, i have win xp pro. i have a big file almost 3 gigs which i am trying to upload to my ftp site. but they don't allow files more than a gig in size. is there any program i can use that will break that file into smaller chunks? ty in advance.
  27. G

    Sleeper Iso FTP isnt starting??

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) I have sleeper installed on my Directivo Series 2. I realized the other day that the FTP isnt running on my box anymore?? Has anyone else experieinced this?? is there any simple fix, other than resinstalling? It appears thats its not even...
  28. A

    FTP client

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hello! I have an Axim x30. I've tried to acces an ftp server with orneta and it doesn't work. i've tried also from Internet Explorer and nothing. A got internet on the pda, i can also do realVNC but no ftp. Does anybody has a clue...
  29. G

    Anyone need oversized digital to photo output?

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital (More info?) You can post your files to our ftp site and we take care of the rest! Continuous tone prints up 4' x 8' on several different photo materials including matte and glossy paper, duratrans for backlighting and photo clear. Full finishing services...
  30. G

    Viglen Dossier Drivers

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Greetings from damp Worcester, UK! I have been searching, without success for drivers for a Viglen Dossier notebook. Nothing seems to be available on the Net on any of the driver sites, so I was unable to get a proper video driver and sound...
  31. W

    which ftp client is the best?

    which ftp client should i get? why?