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    Can you guys help me out? (choosing a new pc)

    (pardon my bad grammar since I'm not a native speaker) Can you guys help me choose between these two towers Intel Celeron g1840 GeForce 730 ddr5 Msi h80 motherboard 600watts powersupply Phantom x case Amd Kaveri a8-7500 cpu R7 graphics Msi a68 motherboard 8gb ram Phantom x case 600 watts...
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    Advice to buy a new desktop computer

    Hello I do aplogise if my previous post was not clear or explicit enough following your suggestion I will do my best to make it better Thank you I have just changed my mind I will go for a desktop PC, since I don't need portability, in addtion I am hoping to get a better perfomance with a...
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    t.v. hdmi pc

    I have an hp pavilion model No. p7-1459 and im trying to connect to a lcd t.v. via hdmi as i have no other cables nor a monitor to hook up with but when i plug it in it simply says no signal on the screen. I've replaced the graphics card with a radeon hd 6670 thinking it might be the issue but...