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    Monitor Audio not Working

    I need to get my audio in my monitor to work. I have a "LG IPS FULLHD" monitor with a HDMI cord plugged in both my laptop and monitor. I right-click the sound button on the bottom right, and click Playback devices. It pops up a window that shows all my audio devices. In order to get my my...
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    Best TV for PC gaming

    I want to buy a TV which I will use for pc gaming. So I'm looking for a 32 inch, 1080p TV with low input lag, it doesn't have to be smart or 3D but if it is around 350 euros it's ok. So does anyone could recommend me any good TV? I'm looking for LG or Samsung.
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    Looking For New Gaming Laptop Under $1600

    I already have a gaming desktop but I am going away to school next year and am looking for a new gaming laptop to bring with me (cannot bring the desktop). I want to also be able to use it in class and don't want a huge desktop replacement. I plan on making gaming videos and rendering them on...