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    LCD Backlight Not Powered (Dell Inspiron 7559)

    My Dell 7559 no longer powers up the screen backlight. I tried two different LCD LED screens and both have the same issue (If I shine a light at the screen I can see some text) The problem started a few days ago. The screen became a lot darker, then a bit later it became pitch black. I'm not...
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    dell inspiron N7110 LCD no back light

    Hello all. I'm new to the community and my apologies if this was discussed in a previous post. I have a Inspiron 17R N7110 that has dim backlight to the LCD. When I plug it it to an external monitor i can see everything in that monitor. I searched every where for a solution but nothing on my...
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    Studio Monitor repeatedly blowing a fuse

    Hi guys, I'm having this issue with one of my Tannoy Reveals Active. One speaker blew a fuse yesterday morning when I turned it on. Same set up for 2 years, I figured the fuse had just run it's course. I replaced with the exact same fuse, a T2AL250V and it blew immediately. I removed the audio...