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    How to set SD card as download location on Moto G3

    I have the Moto G3 and I really love the phone, but I can't fit more than a couple of apps on the thing even with my 8GB SD in it. Every app but Skype can't be moved to the SD and there's no way I can find to set default downloads to the SD, so I end up with "not enough storage" every time I try...
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    Rooting LG G3 keeps the Optimus UI or remove?

    Exactly what the title says, If I root my LG G3, do I lose the Optimus UI that comes with this phone or not? And also how to root.
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    LG G3 few tiny lil scratches on screen

    i've been using LG G3 for past 3 months and yesterday i noticed these scratches on my phone,But i was thinking that it won't get any scratches since it has Gorilla Glass 3. but it's really hard to see those scratches though. so my doubt is , is it really normal for gorilla glass 3 to get tiny...
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    LG G3 or HTC One M8?

    which smartphone should i buy ?