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  1. K

    Asus G75 no boot or bios

    Hello, My G75 will no longer boot. I have tried several steps to get it to boot but to no avail. When I press the power button the unit's power light will light up. Also the power indicator in the front with the number lock light will light up. The unit's wireless light will then flash and it...
  2. N

    G75VW Black Screen Boot Loop

    Hello! My laptop started having this issue during my upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I did a lot of searching, but couldn't get very far so I'd really appreciate your help on it! For example, I'd much rather buy a bios chip programmer for a few dollars and spend a few days on fixing this...
  3. RocketFlamingo

    ASUS G75VW just shut down while I was working on it, won't start again.

    I've seen this kind of problem mentioned a couple of times, but I have no idea how to do any of the suggested solutions as the 1/2 second or so that the power light is on offers me no option to access anything. I was typing away on a document when it just shut itself off. I thought it was a Win...
  4. Y

    Round Plastic Ball Stuck in the Headphone Port

    Hi, I have a G75VW and I got a plastic ball like this stuck in my headphone port. It seems like it is a perfect fit for it, and now I can't take it out. (I actually pushed it even further in while trying to take it out) Do I need to disassemble the laptop to remove it? Thank you!
  5. someguynamedmatt

    Asus G75 Power Failure - Any Thoughts?

    Howdy! Looks like my old Asus G75 finally decided to fail catastrophically. I have no clue why - I laid it down for the night, and in the morning the entire system refused to boot. I'd thought it was the charger at first, since it won't even give me the amber battery charging light, but a...