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  1. A

    can i install new graphics card on my toshiba satellite c665 p5012

    Can i install gainward nvidia 610 graphics card on my toshiba satellite c665 p5012 laptop
  2. Spaurtacus

    nVIDIA's shadowplay won't record the shadowtime! Red slash/line through the icon!

    I can record manually but not the shadowtime. This is what the red slash/line looks like: My rig: Gainward GTX 770 2GB i5-4460 8 GB ram 1080p, 144Hz Win 8.1 Driver version 337.88 (newest i guess)
  3. I

    100Hz good for gaming?

    Hello, i will be buying a gaming rig with a Gainward GTX 670 in it (don't know if that's important) and along with that i will be buying a Samsung UE22D5003 22 Inch Full HD 1080p Edge-lit LED TV with a 100Hz refresh rate, so tell me, is it good for gaming, a simple answer would be appreciated...
  4. D

    7800GS unlocked pipes?

    My Gainward 6800Ultra broke down a few weeks ago. Now the shop is sending me a POV 7800GS as a replacement. I was wondering if its possible to unlock the extra pipes (16->24) and what the risks involved with that are? Thanks a lot.
  5. K

    gf4 drver language

    wierd gay annoying stupid problem i have here: i bought me a very cool gainward gf4 Ti 4200 128mb(w00t) the thing is that i have windows hebrew enabled and when the driver installs it sets up everything in heberew!!!!!!! is there any way in hell i can set it to eng without installing a second...