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  1. B

    Students gamming laptop

    I would like to buy a gaming laptop i could use in school work. Work needed outside of gaming is not intensive. When gaming i will be on a desk (not on the move). At least 3-4 hours battery life preferred Should be able to run witcher 3 (the power of gtx 950) Preferably gtx 970m screen size...
  2. Coltor

    How do I prevent "power saver' mode on my laptop?

    Pretty simple, I like playing games on my old workstation laptop, it can handle Skyrim (High settings) at 25-40 fps when plugged in. However, unplugged from the charger, my fps drops to 3-8 fps, even in Fallout 3 (minimum settings) 10-16 fps. How do I stop power saver mode / keep my fps from...