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  1. dANBO9

    Question gaomon pd1610 pen pressure not being detected what should i do ?

    So the power at my house got shut off a couple days ago and like my computer was on low percentage so I turned it off and then I turned it back on to charge my phone then it died, I'm not sure exactly when this happened but some time after that the pen pressure detection on my tablet just up and...
  2. SwissxPiplup

    Solved! GIMP 2 Pressure Sensitivity Issue using GAOMON Graphics Tablet

    I short while ago I had no problems with GIMP 2 and my tablet, they both worked in harmony, but I recently had to uninstall GIMP 2 from my external hard drive and reinstall it on my computer; however, upon reinstalling GIMP 2 my tablet wouldn't draw anything. After trying a few different things...