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  1. R

    Question Can I use my Gateway laptop without a battery

    Hello I have a GWNR 71517 laptop and just now I noticed that it looked bloated, I opened it up since it is one of those that do not have a removable battery and removed the bloated one, I figured that while I don't get a replacement I will use it plugged in but now it does not turn on (though...
  2. Dragonsbloodmoon

    Question Laptop screen issue (haven't found exact issue elsewhere)

    The laptop was given to me because of this issue. It was barely used. It's a Gateway MD7822u with Windows Vista (yes I know it's kinda old now '07 to be exact, but has pretty good specs and I'd like to install Linux if I can get this fixed). I press the power key and the screen turns on like it...
  3. HighLeaderTaurus

    Question Power Button Broken!

    So some context; I have a Gateway Laptop (NE56R31u). A few years ago it had fallen off of my bed and the top left corner of the keyboard part got damaged. The two bottom pieces separated and the power button frequently has issues powering on the laptop. I didn’t know what to do about it, it...