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    How to Cut Down Netflix Subscription Fee Using Gift Cards

    Netflix has a lot of users worldwide and this is because it offers a lot of great shows and movies stacked in one place. One of the best things about Netflix is that it offers a free trial to its users for the first month. However, interestingly, apart from that, there are ways that you can use...
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    Can you load Google wallet with 7-11 gift cards?

    Can you load Google wallet with 7-11 gift cards?
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    how to get the mathmetical formula to generate valid gift cards with security codes

    I have heard all kinds of things about people being able to generate valid credit card numbers with security codes, expiration dates and pin numbers. Is this really [possible and if so, what are the formulas for doing this?
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    Add gift cards

    How do you add a home Depo gift card as the payment method into a visa debit card