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    Laptop choices for a GIS Student.

    Not even sure if this is the right category, but hey, i'm trying my best here ;-; Hello, random people, i'm going straight to the point, I'm studying Geo-Informatics in college and i need a laptop that can run ENVI and ArcGIS.... sooo i decided to go for the budget (i3 Processor / 500GB HDD /...
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    Need a laptop to run GIS software off of

    What's the best laptop to run GIS software, which I will be learning on the site My budget is $1399. I'm looking to make a career change from Automotive Assembly Tech to GIS Tech/Analyst (entry level.) What's best for the marketplace? Mac or PC based? Thank you.
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    Laptop buying

    hi. i want to buy a lap top for working gis 3dmax and auto cad. please guid me to for buyin a suitable laptop for thise goal.