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  1. M

    Intel HD Graphics display driver causing blackscreen

    I was playing a game the other day, and my ASUS GL552VW laptop crashed unexpectedly. The error was Video_TDR_Failure. Upon reboot, my laptop blackscreened following the BIOS screen. It boots into safe mode just fine, and I found that disabling the HD graphics driver (HD Graphics 530) prevents my...
  2. E

    ASUS ROG GL552VW vs MSI GP62 6FQ

    Just want your guys opinions on what is the better laptop. Both are i5-6300HQ, 8GB RAM, have a 1TB HDD and 128Gb SSD, and have 2GB GTX 960M. Not keen one either keyboards, I prefer chamfered keys that but up against each other, like I have on my Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800, but does not...
  3. GeKKo525

    Asus GL552 making a weird coin whine-like sound

    Hey! My laptop started making this sound about a week ago and I have no idea what's causing it. It usually happens when I scroll or move the cursor around(either with mouse or touchpad), but sometimes it happens just randomly. It doesn't seem to affect the performance in any way as far as I can...