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    Solved! Very important keys shutting down pc with a tiny bit of force (ASUS ROG GL703GM)

    All the middle keys of the keyboard shutdown the pc with any bit of force. B nearly can do it by just lightly tapping it, and the right side of the spacebar kills it instantly. G, H,J, U, B, Space, K, Y, V, and O are all the biggest culprits. I have submitted an RMA (what support told me to do)...
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    ASUS ROG G703GM Fails to boot, let alone post. No battery indicator when plugged in.

    Symptoms: Failure to boot or post. No indication of a power source. No battery indicator when plugged in. Symptoms started about half a day ago. I stayed up til' 4am merrily playing games instead of writing a final. Plugged in my phone to charge, set the alarm and went to bed. Woke up to an...