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  1. M

    Solved! AR Glasses for depressive people

    Hi, Is there something like AR glasses for depressed people? In bad weather the area projected with sunshine? There was an app (Junaio) that could turn the sky into blue skies in the rain. Unfortunately, these are no longer available. But with an AR glasses and the appropriate software that...
  2. C

    Looking to switch over to headphones from gaming headset

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones, which will be primarily used for gaming. I've used a pair of G930s for the past four years and I felt they've done me well, however, I'm looking for something better. I'll list out the criteria that I'm looking for. I'll buy a separate...
  3. G

    Meme Smart Glasses Know When You're Tired

    Japan's Meme smart glasses use eye tracking technology to know when you're getting tired. Meme Smart Glasses Know When You're Tired : Read more
  4. zeyads3

    what is the gunnar glasses and can they help me with the pc? im currently not wearing any glasses

    like the tittle says and im 13 not wearing any glasses, i have no problems with eyes, but i gotta becareful with it, will those help or will make my eyes worst ?