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    Question Display artifact on right side of screen, disappears when exerting minimal manual pressure on screen

    Hey friends, I am having a problem with my laptop display :(. A whole rectangular area on the right side of the screen gets fubar, seemingly randomly, whenever the screen feels like it doesn't like the angle it is in at that moment. But, the good news for me is that this nightmare can be made...
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    I need help!!! This is the weirdest thing I have ever experienced!

    Hello everyone, I have this laptop that is HP 350 G2. It all worked well, until this day about one month ago, when I went and visited my sister abroad in a hospital. Why am I mentioning this, is because this might be the cause of the problem, either it got irradiated on border-control when I...
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    Toshiba Satellite C670-17D Serious Battery Glitch?

    Never seen this before so im asking you guys. It happend about 2 months ago. I'm just gonna get right into it. Whenever i plug my charger into my laptop it says 100% charged in like 20 seconds. And whenever i unplug the charger my laptop just shwoing a black screen and like shuts off after...
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    My Dell Latitude D630 laptop (Glitch)

    My Dell Latitude D630 laptop has been acting up since November. I know it's a glitch and I know it's the touch pad. I have ran all the scans, defragged, re-installed my Win7 OS...IT'S STILL THERE. I cannot uninstall the P/S 2 touchpad either. Viewing e-mail, pics, etc. is impossible...
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    Glitch in the video

    In this video there's a small glitch when the concrete breaks at 1:38. What is the name of this effect, and why does it happen? How to prevent it?
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    Samsung Galaxy S II glitch

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 that is acting weird lately. The voice talk keeps showing up, by itself and sometimes ask me to select an application to complete an action over and over again. Sometimes it stops, sometimes does that minutes long. I tought it would be best to show you...
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    Microsoft Word 2010: chart randomly shuts down

    Hi. I have a couple of charts in a Microsoft Word 2010 document. They worked fine until about a month ago, when the "edit chart" button became greyed out for no apparent reason. As far as I know, I didn't trip any setting that would cause this sort of thing to happen. Of the two charts on...
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    Samsung Galexy S Mobile Network issue/keys glitching

    hey, so as the title says, i have a samsung galexy s, and whenever i turn on the mobile network the bottom keys (menu, home, back, search) get all glitchy and start clicking themselves and not clicking sometimes, its weird, and i was wondering if theres a fix, or if im just gonna have to live...
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    'Glitch' Game's Artwork Now Free to All

    Tiny Speck makes thousands of images, and even the underlying code, from colorful online game 'Glitch' free for anyone to use and mash up. 'Glitch' Game's Artwork Now Free to All : Read more