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    God of War Weapons Guide Tips and Tricks for Every Weapon

    God of War is the game with some of the best and exotic weapons. Unlike other games, the weapons in God of War have a very different working mechanism and that’s what makes this game a lot more engaging. Now if you know how to use each of the weapons properly, then you will be unstoppable in the...
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    God of War Upgrade Guide What to Upgrade and How to Do it

    God of War has some of the best weapons that are not only deadly but exotic in look as well. This guide will tell you all there is to know about upgrading the weapons in God of War, how to upgrade them, what is needed for each upgrade and what each upgrade will do to the weapon. So without...
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    God of War Treasure Maps: Every Treasure Location and Map Guide

    God of War is unequivocally one of those games that are not just limited to the main story. If you want to play the game for some more time, then you can definitely do that in God of War as it has a lot of collectable for the players to find and collect. So in doing so, your time will be well...
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    God of War Raven Locations How to Find Every Single Odin Raven

    There are different collectables in God of War and Odin’s Ravens are one of them. To find every single one of Odin’s Raven, you will need to go to a lot of places. There are a total of 51 ravens to get. This guide to finding all of the 51 Ravens will help you as it has all the locations with...
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    God of War - How to Find and Unlock Every Nornir Rune Chest

    God of War is undoubtedly an all in one game for people who love action, drama, adventure and mystery. The game has a lot of different type of collectables and puzzles and the Nornir Chests are one of them. You will find the Nornir Chests in about every single area of God of War. It is critical...
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    God of War: Valkyrie Location Guide

    In God of War, you'll open the Valkyrie Locations by finishing various parts of the main God of War storyline. Every one of the eight Valkyrie areas in God of War is home to a diverse and unfathomably difficult fight. You'll have to beat every one of the eight Valkyrie to open a ninth area and...
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    God of War: Gameplay Guide - 15 Tips for Beginners

    God of War is one of the unique, action-packed, hand to hand combat games currently on the market. If you have decided on joining the millions of users in the virtual world of Aretus, and Kratos, fighting demons, witches, and all sort of enemies. Then these tips are for you. 1. God of War is...
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    God of War: Secret Ending - How to Unlock

    There are a ton of cool features and Easter eggs hidden in the mystic world of God of War. The Game has not one but two separate endings. In this article, I will show you a step by step guide on how to unlock the second ending or the secret ending. The secret ending is more than an Easter egg...
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    God of War: Combat Tips - How to Become a Master Fighter

    God of War provides fluid, and stunning action features, to win the game you need to have a great deal of skill, and tenacity. To succeed against the very best; you will need help, and this guide will come in handy. This article encompasses tricks that will make your game go from good to great...
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    God of War: Talisman Guide

    God of War is amazing, where you need not only your wits about you, but you also need to have considerable skill. The game mixes strategy with action perfectly. In God of War, a talisman is a source of a wide array of powers and abilities. You can get the talismans throughout the game. The...
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    God of War: Realm Tear Guide - Get Forbidden Grip of the Age

    The first challenge that is between you and the legendary axe pommel is to get into Muspelheim tower. Just one of the tower’s elevator works and that one is stuck at the top. So you need to come at it from the other side of doors. Walkthrough: 1. The way to Muspelheim Tower begins at the...
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    God of War: Lake of Nine - Complete Guide

    God of War is an open-world virtual fantasy game with a great deal of the puzzles and areas. And Lake of Nine has most of the areas and puzzles embedded. Therefore, it can be a bit confusing to understand the Lake of Nine, so in this guide, we will give you a brief intro of Lake of Nine. The...
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    God of War - How to Defeat Sigrun

    The fight with the Sigrun will take place in Council of Valkyries once you have defeated the previous Valkyries and have put their helms in empty chairs. Sigrun has pretty much every move the other eight Valkyries had. You have to apply everything that you've learned up to this point. To...
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    10 Best Video Game Soundtracks

    Video game music has progressed from 8-bit ditties to concert-worthy compositions as compelling as movie soundtracks. These diverse represent the most impressive. 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks : Read more