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    how to find my stolen laptop using model number

    i have lost my laptop ,unfortunately iam having only laptop model number and bill using that how can i track my stolen laptop help please
  2. B

    Need Help With Headset + Laptop

    So my laptop has 1 audio port, one for headphone and mic, i recently bought a new headset the turtle beach 50x, which is 3.5 mm, my laptop only pics up the headphones not the mic, any help?
  3. X

    I need a cheap gaming Laptop !

    Hello everyone, I really need a cheap gaming Laptop with the following specifications : 1- CPU : i5 QuadCore or i7 2- RAM : 8 GB at least 3- Storage : 100+ GB 4- Graphics : I need a GT750m or Higher or a AMD Graphic that have thats the same( NO 740 ) 5- Screen : 1080p screen could be good :)
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    I need a budget gaming laptop !!!

    Hello everyone, I really need a good budget gaming laptop ! With the following specs or more : Processor : a good i5 or i7 RAM : at least 8 GPU : GT750m or 760m or A similar AMD GPU in power ( Cheaper is better ! ) Screen : it would be great if I get 1080p screen :) Storage : Anything is...
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    Looking for a good gaming headsets with listed specs

    Hello guys, Some days ago I bought Corsair H2100 headsets, and the surround and audio quality was really good but the downside of the headset was that it has a really bad microphone, my friends could barely hear me on Skype etc. I decided to change it to a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma. So the...