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    Asus ROG GL702VS-RS71 GPU and CPU usage not maxed

    Ever since I got my laptop, I always wondered why the GPU usage or the CPU usage for any core at all isn't maxed out when I play a couple of games. One of those games being The Elder Scrolls Online maxed. (40 frames in some heavy towns). From what I see so far, the GPU usage seems to reflect...
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    Msi ge60(2012) bottlenecked? I3 3110m and 650m

    System spec: i3 3110m 2.4ghz gt 650m 2gb ddr5 8 gb ram 1333mhz 500 gb hdd 5000rpm gpu usage always below 99% and/or spike up down while gaming. Only stable while on menus and sometimes during cutscenes. fps changes minimal to none when changing graphics quality of games. ran far cry 4 on ultra...