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  1. SwissxPiplup

    Solved! GIMP 2 Pressure Sensitivity Issue using GAOMON Graphics Tablet

    I short while ago I had no problems with GIMP 2 and my tablet, they both worked in harmony, but I recently had to uninstall GIMP 2 from my external hard drive and reinstall it on my computer; however, upon reinstalling GIMP 2 my tablet wouldn't draw anything. After trying a few different things...
  2. electro_neanderthal

    Selecting the Best Free Drawing Software for Your Needs.

    So, you want to get into digital painting, or maybe you want to make a comic book or other type of visual novel (like manga). But now there are a hundred different options and you're short on cash. Hello, and welcome to this tutorial/guide (my first one). I plan to keep this short and sweet (but...