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    MSI GT60 0ne died please help.

    Hi, I have a MSI GT60 0ne that is out of warranty, barely. It just powered off while I was playing World of Tanks. When I tried to turn it back on the power light would come on for a split second then nothing. I let it cool down, checked the power cord to make sure everything was seated...
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    Graphics card failure

    my graphics card is nearly dead, i have a lot of bsod lately so i've decided to buy a new one. (always this code: 0x00000116) i think it's the perfect time to upgrade. but i wonder if a new and better one is compatible with my laptop. now i have a nvidia geforce gtx675m i would like to have...
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    Confused b/w Lenovo Y510p (755m SLI) or MSI GT 60 Dominator-424(gtx 870m)

    So for pure gaming performance which one will be better? If msi then i will upgrade it to 16gb ram and a 128gb mSATA SSD..