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    GT 840M vs GT 930M

    Hi there, I'm buying a new laptop on a limited budget for school, but would like to do some gaming though. (I don't mind playing on med details at 720p) So far iv'e found two very similarly priced ones... One has a GT 840M and one has a GT 930M, it would be extremely helpful if someone could...
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    Asus vs. HP (i7 4510u vs. i7 5500u)

    Help me decide, I'm considering these two laptops, which one is better in your opinion: Asus: i7 4510U, 12GB RAM (1x8GB + 1x4GB), 1000GB HDD, GT840m (2GB), 1366x768. HP: i7 5500U, 8GB (1x8GB), 750GB, GTX 850m (4GB), 1920x1080. Both of them are 15,6" laptops, price is almost the same (Asus is...