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  1. Shadowz21ro

    Solved! GPU improvement on Lenovo Legion Y720

    So my laptop has a gtx 1060 mobile, and when i ran it on userbenchmarks it gave me a 47% score. Is there any way i can switch to an RTX 2080 Super (i found one pretty cheap)? I know eGPUs are a thing but I'm unsure if the results will overpass the current GPU, which is build in. Can anyone help...
  2. James Gregory

    Laptop performance with Dell 7570 is terrible, I need some help!

    Hello all. I need some really good help here. I have the Dell Inspiron 7577 Gaming Laptop. Now I mainly play PUBG (player unknown battlegrounds), I play with all settings on 'very low' and my FPS was perfect 3 days ago. Now day by day when I play the game I get 10 FPS. As soon as I launch the...
  3. DesperateConsumer

    Can you guys help me choose a gaming laptop?

    Can you help me find a good gaming laptop? I want something that has a decent battery life with a gtx 1050 ti or 1060 and an i5 intel core. But the one hard part is it has to be around 1000 dollars. I'm not having any luck so I hope the people of the internet could help me, Thank you Follow Up...
  4. J

    Whats the difference between the MSI GP62MVR and the GT62VR?

    Their specs are almost identical. The MSI GT62 has 3GB more video memory and 128GB more SSD than the GP62MVR. But i really dont care about that. Is there something else to the GT62 that it worth paying 300$ more? Here's the link to the specifications.
  5. Thx4helping

    Correct price (Desktop PC Gaming/Rendering) i7-6800K(12Threads)64GB DDR4 Crucial , MSI X99 Sli+,GTX 1060 6GB SSD 240GB

    I got this computer a few months ago (at the end of september) brand new . The price was almost 3000 Pounds at that time from what i remember , what would you think would be a correct price for selling it now ? Removed by Moderator or you can search on ebay this item number ...
  6. A

    GTX 1060 Laptop For up to $1000 (Debatable)

    Looking for a good GAMING laptop with decent battery life (4+ Hours) and max of up to $1150 (Nothing More) not even by a single dollar (Debatable). Must have gtx1060 or better Hard Drive can be an SSD or HDD as long as is above 500gb CPU - Prefer i7-6700HQ, but other will do!