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  1. S

    Gtx 1080ti pc or gtx 1070 laptop

    I am having a real big doubt. I am going to an engineering college and i have 2 options - 1. Gtx 1080ti pc 2. Gtx 1070 laptop. Now what do you guys think i should opt for? I live in india. The laptop i will be choosing is msi ge73 raider and the desktop will be custom built by me. The price of...
  2. Chaingunchris

    Is the gigabyte P35X V6 any good?

    The reviews on Newegg and amazon say it's great but reviewers like computer shopper and others say it sucks. I just want the components to not fry :3
  3. D

    Pascal Laptops and Thunderbolt 3

    So I am in the market for my first gaming laptop, as the new pascal tech has swung me to the laptop side of things. I am however a bit disappointed to find that very few of the 1070 equipped laptops so far are supporting Thunderbolt 3 connections. I believe only the ROG V752vs is sporting TB3...