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  1. T

    Questions about ShadowPlay, need immediate help D:

    Okay, so i recently installed GeForce Experience and wanted to try out ShadowPlay, however, i noticed i couldn't start it.. Here are some images: (click the link to open, for some reason i can't find the BBCode link..) My Specs: i5-4210 2.9-3.5GHz GTX 850M 4GB DDR3...
  2. C

    Gaming Laptop Below $1350 |Treasure Find|

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a mid range laptop which can perform well in medium-low settings in gaming and of coarse in other things like picture editing etc. Mainly work and play centric. Anyhow i'm at a tight budget. Im looking for a laptop that fits in the range of 1000-1350 (AUD). I have...
  3. C

    Asus vs. HP (i7 4510u vs. i7 5500u)

    Help me decide, I'm considering these two laptops, which one is better in your opinion: Asus: i7 4510U, 12GB RAM (1x8GB + 1x4GB), 1000GB HDD, GT840m (2GB), 1366x768. HP: i7 5500U, 8GB (1x8GB), 750GB, GTX 850m (4GB), 1920x1080. Both of them are 15,6" laptops, price is almost the same (Asus is...
  4. aimingyou

    Will this Laptop be able to handle GTA V?

    Processor: i5 4200H RAM: 8 GB 1600 mHz GPU: GTX 850M A reply would be very much appreciated ;)
  5. D

    Which laptop to buy?

    Hello :) I'm in a little dilemma... I Have to choose between two laptops. Here are the specs: ASUS x751JN: CPU: Intel i7-4510u GPU: nVidia GeForce GT 840m RAM: 8gb HD: 1TB 5400RPM SCREEN: 17,3"; 1600x900 PRICE: 679€ ASUS x550JK: CPU: Intel i7-4710HQ GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 850m RAM: 6gb (I will...
  6. Z

    Looking For New Gaming Laptop Under $1600

    I already have a gaming desktop but I am going away to school next year and am looking for a new gaming laptop to bring with me (cannot bring the desktop). I want to also be able to use it in class and don't want a huge desktop replacement. I plan on making gaming videos and rendering them on...