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  1. ratnakarsoren

    Solved! External Monitor connected to iGPU?

    Hi There, I recently got an Acer 144hz IPS (FreeSync) Monitor to be connected to my 14" Razer Blade 1060GTX Laptop. sadly, the laptop does not have a DP and as we know HDMI does not support 144Hz. I have connected my laptop to the monitor via Type C (thunderbolt) in Laptop to DP (in Monitor)...
  2. R

    Strong Laptop not living up to it's espectation

    So I got a laptop(clevo n850ep6) and this are the main specs gtx 1060 6gb i7 8750h 2,2ghz 6-core 8gb ram 1080p 144hz And i was playing fortnite on epic with around 120-140 fps. I wanted to play with a external monitor so i did. Frame rates were good and everything was stable. The next day I...
  3. R

    Live Streaming Youtube

    Hi, My product: MSI GTX 1060. I am currently playing CounterStrike Global Offensive and when using the Nvidia Experience tool to LIVE stream on YouTube (Alt + Z), my voice is not getting recorded in the streaming whereas my Mic works and my Teammates can hear me during the game but not in the...
  4. S

    Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops

    Upgraded Laptops by forum users (work in progress) this is a list of successful upgraded laptops All these laptops have a MXM Gpu but Not all MXM cards are the same. Type A card ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type B card MXM...
  5. L

    how is GTX1060 3GB VRAM on a laptop???

    hey guys ive been looking at this Asus laptop for awhile now, its a model that probably only released in China. its called the Asus FX60VM. it costs around 1170USD and runs on GTX1060 with 3GB of Vram. it also run on intel i7 6300HQ with 8GB of RAM.
  6. A

    GTX 1060 Laptop For up to $1000 (Debatable)

    Looking for a good GAMING laptop with decent battery life (4+ Hours) and max of up to $1150 (Nothing More) not even by a single dollar (Debatable). Must have gtx1060 or better Hard Drive can be an SSD or HDD as long as is above 500gb CPU - Prefer i7-6700HQ, but other will do!