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    How to trace a reverse tcp Trojan?

    You might say whoa, but someone I must know tried to prank me by compromising my system using a Trojan. From my experience, it seems like a metasploit reverse connection, assuming it's TCP(cause that most found in tutorials), how to trace back the connection and find the "attacker"? Or is it...
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    Disproportiante Website Visits from China - Is this an attack?

    Hi Guys, Our SME website usually gets about 40-100 views everyday. Today we got over 2000 views, 466 from just one viewer with a chinese IP. Also the page visited link is very different. Snapshot is here http://imgur.com/a/T8kV7 Can somebody help me understand what is this? Also should I...
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    Chinese malware (virus)

    I have a virus on my pc which has almost made my pc useless. I can't access any program that requires Internet and when trying to download something off the Internet, chrome and spotify, it doesn't allow me. I've tried removing it but it's still there and is one apparently my virus protection...