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    Question Pocophone F1 not charging and not booting

    I was using my phone this morning when it froze on me. I rebooted the phone like normal when it displayed a loading screen that says nothing on it. It was loading for quite some time, like around an hour or so. I'm pretty sure that there are no updates during that time, that is why I decided to...
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    Asus keeps hanging at certain times but continues to work....then hangs again

    Let me tell you a story: Once upon a time, my os was corrupted. I safe booted it and got to backup my files and reset the whole thing. After that, everything was fine and dandy for the next 6 days i think....then my laptop started to "configure" itself without my permission ( i hate it when this...
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    Computer freezes in browsers other than firefox

    My computer will hang and freeze quite a bit using certain programs. The disk usage will go to 100% and it will freeze for about a minute or two and then start working like nothing happened. I noticed it will do it a lot if i use chrome, or opera, but it won't do it with firefox. Also it will do...