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  1. tulumba

    Question Is it possible to have Windows detect my Headphones as separete from my 5.1 Speaker setup if they are not connected to the front jack

    I would like to connect my headphones to my back jack, i can get sound, but the problem is its only stereo while my speaker setup is 5.1. I dont mind stereo, but its a problem when i connect my headphones to my back jack, unlike the front, where it has a seperate section in Realtek HD Audio...
  2. J

    Question Only Hear Sound On the Right Side (Headphones)

    My computer recently fell on its side while I had headphones plugged in, and now when I re-plugged them in (all the way in) you can only hear from the right side, no sound on the left. When you unplug a bit, it switches to only hearing left. And then when you unplug until it's pretty loose, you...