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    No Headphone/Headset in Sound Settings Settings

    This is very irritating, I am trying to configure my new headset so that I can use its microphone but I can't seem to find it in the playback settings only "speakers" are found and thats why only the headset works excluding the mic. btw my laptop offers only 1 jack with a combined headset and...
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    Use Beats Pros for Headset and Mic on PC

    Hi, so i bought an adapter, similar to this but of a different brand https://www.amazon.com/EZOPower-Headset-Adapter-Smartphone-smartphone/dp/B0046FMRGA?ie=UTF8&qid=1308871426&ref_=sr_1_66&s=electronics&sr=1-66 But my mic still doesnt seem to work. Can u please help me with this?? Audio is...