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    Best basic tracker

    Hey, Maybe someone can suggest good basic activity tracker under $100? I'm not going to wear it all the time, so I don't need screen that shows you incoming messages, competing with friends, reminders or whatever, I'm gonna wear it only during exercising. I don't really care about step counting...
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    Looking for something simple

    I'm not able to do harsh sports including running so swimming is my only choice. My criteria would be -able to go swimming indoor (doesn't need to have specific app for it but if it does, that would be great) -sleep tracking -walking and daily movements basis -interchangeable bands -has...
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    Need advice about how to buy.

    I'm now in my 4th attempt to buy a fitness tracker. Here were the problems with the first 3: 1. FitBit Charge HR - fails when my wrist gets sweaty. 2. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 - heart rate monitor doesn't track in real time, it has no idea whether or not I'm working out, thinks I'm running when I'm on...
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    Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Review: Good But Not Great

    The Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR is a durable GPS watch that tracks a lot of activities, but its heart rate monitor could be more accurate. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Review: Good But Not Great : Read more
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    Touch Fitness Tracker

    TomTom has launched a new fitness tracker called the Touch Cardio. Essentially a cheaper version of TomTom’s Touch Fitness Tracker, the Touch Cardio features a heart rate monitor and will track your steps, sleep, calories burned, and active time. The company says the Touch Cardio also features...
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    Smartband / Smartwatch advise.

    I'm looking for a smart-band/smart-watch. It MUST have the following features: - Screen - It must function as a clock (that's why it must have a screen) - Pedometer - Integrated heart-rate monitor (not in a separate pulse band) - Estimated calories burned. - Must be able to connect to iPhone...