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    Solved! External Graphics card for utlrabook

    Hi, I know you are thinking of all the possible ways to do this when you read the title but this time is different. I have a helix Intel Core i7-3667U. I've read up on trying to run a graphics card via 3.0 but from what I read you don't get the connection speed you need. I was going to try a usb...
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    Can a 19v power adapter be used in a 20v computer?

    My Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 36984SU comes with an output 90W, 2.25A, 20V Power Adapter. I can connect a spare Power Adapter with an output that is 90W, 4.6A, 19V. Is it safe to use or can it damage the unit? Will it effect any of the functioning of the computer?