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  1. madhav_

    Solved! Should I buy a laptop with non upgradable 8Gb ram in 2019?

    I am looking to buy Acer swift 3 with these specs: intel core i5 8250u 8gb ddr4 2400mhz (non-upgradable) UHD 620 graphics PCI 512gb SSD All I'LL do is coding, web development, light gaming (mainly warframe), and normal browsing and media consumption. Should I buy it or look for some other...
  2. S

    Undecided on what laptop to buy!

    Can anyone help? Which is best Acer or Dell? These are the two laptops I like - Dell Inspiron 15 5000 AMD A8 Processor, 8Gb RAM, 1Tb Storage, 15.6 Inch Or Acer Aspire ES 17 Intel® Pentium® Quad-Core Processor, 8Gb RAM, 1Tb Hard Drive, 17.3 Inch They both get good reviews, I've been searching...
  3. S

    Looking for a gaming laptop

    So I'm looking around for a gaming laptop, however I know virtually nothing about laptops as I've never owned one, always had a desktop which I know inside and out. I recently got back into WoW and I need a laptop here so my brother can simply use it when he comes in to raid (my internet is...