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  1. J

    Question iPad 7th Generation keeps doing white-screen boot loop. Can't Update/Restore

    I don't know what happened. My niece was playing on her Ipad and it was working fine. She took a nap and when she woke up, it was doing the boot loop. I was asked to take a gander at it and I was able to get it into restore mode, but when trying to restore it through iTunes, the iPad keeps...
  2. J

    Acer R14 is not powering up, blank screen, what can I do to fix it?

    Laptop r14 acer, won't power up at all. What can I do to get it to come on? Have already tried to hit power, volume up, and home key. Any other suggestions?
  3. Doc H

    Screen consistenly flashes black for a moment - have I been hacked?

    Hello all, I'm looking for help and all I can offer in return is gratitude - or a 3D print if you'd like! I'm running Windows 8.1 on my Dell laptop and every now and again my screen blacks out, but just for a moment, less than a second, (think screenshot on your phone) and it's really weirding...
  4. P

    left side of headset is quiter the right

    I am using a Turtle Beach Ear Force Z22 headset the the left side of my speakers, on the headset, are not working. I was playing with my friend at the time. I don't remember what I was doing at the time I realized. I've checked the settings many different ways and times and the sound balancing...
  5. G

    GTA V Graphics card

    Hiya! (Put in other discussion due to me not having a laptop) So I've recently been playing GTA but due to having a graphics card (integrated I believe) that can barely run it smoothly (AMD Radeon HD 8570d), I used the SystemRequirementsLab to see what their minimum and recommended card would...
  6. X

    Need Laptop Virus Help!!!

    Ok so my laptop is MESSED UP and that is a serious understatement. For months now I have been dealing with one of the worst viruses I've ever seen. I have searched and searched and searched for help but NOTHING helps, it just keeps getting worse. It's like no one else has had the problems I am...
  7. Coltor

    Help with Adobe Flash CC Export

    I just started using adobe flash and I have made an animation. I have tried to export it as both a video and a movie, as well as tried many of the codecs in media encoder (Including some custom ones I made). I have also tried encoding it with any video converter ultimate. I get a video on the...