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    Powering an AMP with PSU

    Hello guys! I am planning to build a subwoofer for my room. I have PIONEER TS-W3003D4 subwoofer. SPECS: 600w nominal 2000w max 4 Ω Also i have PIONEER GM-D8601 APM. SPECS: 600w nominal 1600w max 4Ohm 24A I am looking for a PSU that can run my AMP. I am looking at CHIEFTEC ATX 2.3 A-135...
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    Cant Restore ASUS Laptop To Factory Settings

    ive tried to press f8 and f9 on startup but i have 2 operating systems on my computer and every time i start the computer, it makes me choose either windows 7 or 8. Is that why i cant press f8 or f9 to restore???■ ■ ■