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    hifiman he400i or sony wh1000xm2+ath ad700x

    Hey guys, so basically I now use an ath ad700x for soundstage games like pubg, csgo etc and I use my wh1000xm2's for everything else (music, other games). My question is will the 400i be a significant upgrade for both music and games? (basically I want to use my sony's only for on the go) I...
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    Headphones which are swappable between open-back and closed-back

    I've recently come across a few headphones that are swappable between open-back and closed-back. For instance, HiFiMan's Edition S and Monoprice's Monolith M560. I was wondering how many of these are out there. Are there any that are on par with regular audiophile grade headphones?