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    Left speaker, at higher volume, makes a weird tube kind of sound

    I can't find any relatable problem to mine, because if someone has a problem, then usually it's regarding some crackling and popping sounds, or just high pitches that are differently described as my issue, so I couldn't find relatable issue. I got an Logitech Z523 audio system, I do not use any...
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    Earphones produce an weird sound.

    Earphones produce an weird sound everytime i plug into my pc/phone.Its high pitch and it happens when some sound starts (like in a game,video,etc...)
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    Random high pitched and squeek sounds while listening to audio

    So I've picked up a second hand Dell XPS 15 (9530 model) and it's been great. Condition is mint, tested and well it was all great. Note: I've got it especially for video editing. (I edit a lot of fireworks videos) When working in Adobe Premiere Pro I first noticed it. I used my Audio Technica...