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  1. lmjb07

    Question Why does my laptop gets super hot after replacing broken hdd and randomly shutdown?

    A week ago, my laptop's original HDD gets broken(a weird clicking sound and unable to boot), so I decided to replace it with a formatted HDD from my friend's broken laptop. Then the 1st problem appeared...my laptop gets interrupted while installing win 10 because of a random shutdown and after...
  2. T

    Question Laptop restarts randomly only when I am using it, it works fine while the laptop is in idle state

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5379 convertible laptop which is around 3.5 years old. I serviced my laptop last year (not from a Dell service center) and the CPU thermal paste of the laptop was replaced. Now my laptop started to switch off suddenly. It does not restart or switch off while the laptop is...
  3. Man1ac123

    Is this temperature safe?

    So i recently installed Core Temp because i game on my laptop ( link dont know if this works since its a portuguese link) and the surface gets so hot that i cant even touch it and im scared. For example when im using it for watching videos its on the 50-60ºC, if i plug my pc to the tv to watch...
  4. T

    Dell E6430 ATG i7 High Temperatures

    Hey all, Time for the hourly post on core temperature concerns. As stated in the title, I have a Dell E6430 ATG with an i7-3740qm processor onboard- I had to rebuild this laptop (the subchassis was cracked clear through) and as I was rebuilding it, I noticed that the thermal paste was dried...