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  1. Shogunyanly

    Solved! i had a trojan and i downloaded malwarebytes and hitmanpro

    so i was wondering why my startup is so slow and fps bad so i ran windows defender and found a trojan coinminer and it got deleted but after that in a few days i was curious and ran it and it found some infected or corupted files so i was just scared and nervous but i download malwarebytes and i...
  2. C

    I keep getting redirected to random website

    I got a new system a few weeks ago. i installed Windows 10 and Avast Free, and proceeded to use my computer as i always do, a few days later, i started getting redirected to random website when i use google or n4g.com, so i just went and formatted and installed Windows 10 again, after a few days...
  3. C

    Will Hitman get rid of wssetup.exe on my computer?

    I've been having some internet problems for the past couple of weeks. Tried resetting the network settings, flushing the DNS, etc. Ran malwarebytes, Norton360 scan, and found nothing but internet cookies. Finally decided to try Hitman today, and it found four instances of wssetup.exe on my...
  4. T

    Secure Preferences Data

    So when I scan with Bitedefender and HitmanPro everything is clear, but when I scan with Malware Bytes then there is always a PUA (Probaly Unwanted Application ) and this data is located in C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default/ Secure Preferences... I always delete it...