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    Question HP Envy DV7 won't turn on after disassembly, removing the cable that connects it to its screen and reassembly

    Hello, Hope all is well for yourself and your families in these strange times. I bought a malfunctioning HP Envy DV7 for $20. The screen stays black after you turn it on, but it still works (or rather, worked, see below) fine if you connect it to an external monitor. I opened it following a...
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    hp envy dv7 7230us cpu upgradable?

    so is it possible to upgrade the 4500m processor to A10-4600M? i dont know if the processor is built into the mobo or no. only reason why i want to upgrade is because its the latest for the fm1m socket. i seen some other a10 processors that will be available for the ft1 socket but who knows if...