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  1. Wizuovo


    Hi, I have an old laptop that I don't need anymore but can't sell either. It has a broken chassy and over heats and has some personal data. I want to convert this laptop's motherboard into an all-in-one pc using an external monitor. Laptops specs: Laptop name: HP NOTEBOOK 1000 PC CPU: Intel Core...
  2. J

    Question Laptop keyboard and mouse not working

    My Hp laptop keyboard and mouse is not working properly. When I was using my laptop my laptop keyboard and mouse suddenly stop working. After sometime only brightness keys are working till I don't press any other key and rest keys are not working. Also capslock and wifi key lights are showing...
  3. V

    HP laptop screen black on boot up but works after external screen is connected

    I couldn't find a problem exactly like this anywhere online so I decided to ask myself hoping someone here could help. I have a problem with HP 250 G3 laptop- it worked without a problem for months and then this weird thing started to happen- when I turn it on the screen quickly shows HP logo...