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    My Dell Latitude D630 shows bluetooth capability. The {B} light is even on. However, I cannot find how to add a bluetooth HP p

    My Dell Latitude D630 bluetooth and wifi lights are on. However, when I try to add my HP Photosmart C8180 (bluetooth) printer, it doesnt give me any options for adding a bluetooth device. Where should I look for it?
  2. W

    Color problem with PH Photosmart R717 camera

    I have a hp photosmart R717. It is an old camera, but I love the quality of pictures it takes. Or used to take until it started displaying mostly green colors. Most pictures show a predominant green, the odd picture may be more normal. Used to be that just one or two pictures were green, but now...
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    How to connect a HP Photosmart 1115 printer to a laptop

    How do I connect a HP Photosmart 1115 printer to my Dell windows 8 laptop
  4. G

    Photos print in black & white & not colour corrupt printing on hp printe

    hi all, wonder if you can help me. i have an HP Photosmart and an HP Deskjet 920C. When i try and print colour pics from my laptop to either of them the pictures and colour are really corrupted. Black and white are fine. I am downloading my pics from a Fujifilm Finepix J20 on to an Acer...
  5. R

    Microsoft Publisher error messages

    I'm using Microsoft Publisher 98. When I try to print a publication, I get the message "Cannot find printer HP photosmart 7200 click OK to select another printer". I click OK and get the message "Windows is low on memeory close other applications before proceeding". I used ctrl,alt,del and my...
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    HP Photosmart R827: Loaded With Features and Fun To Shoot

    please i need buy a photo smart camera i hope its answer soon
  7. W

    camera docks

    i have a hp photosmart m305 digital camera.i would like to know if using a camera dock that recharges the battery would be better than buying batteries? an does the rechargeable battieries hold a charge for long? i had 2 energizer lithium batteries in it. an they lasted awhile. but they aint...
  8. Robc1880

    Please help me decide

    I am in the market for a new camera and I have narrowed my choices down to either the Kodak CX7430 or the HP Photosmart R607. Both of these fall under the $200 price point that I'm sticking with. Which of these cameras would be best for taking pictures like at family outings and occasional...