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    Solved! Laptop poor performance while plugged in

    Hi, I searched whole day for solution, but nothing seem to fix the problem. I get low fps on games while I plug the charger to my laptop ... I used to have this problem, but I fixed it somehow by discharging the battery completely. Few days ago I updated both Nvidia and Intel drivers and...
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    The HP Spectre AMA: All Your Questions Answered

    We invited the HP Spectre Product Team to answer all of your most pressing questions about laptop design, specs, performance, configuration options and more. The HP Spectre AMA: All Your Questions Answered : Read more
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    Which Workstation for Architecture? (MacBook Pro, Dell Precision, HP ZBook or Lenovo P Series)

    Hi, I’ve been using my old Dell XPS1640 for almost 8 years. It’s time for an upgrade. I’m tired of waiting on Cinema 4D Renderings to finish, AutoCAD crashing/freezing due to large files (80MB+), Illustrator running out of memory (8GB), etc… I would also like to have the capabilities to run...
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    HP Z2 Mini G3 Review: A Mighty Mini Workstation

    The HP Z2 Mini G3 workstation is the most powerful mini PC we've reviewed, putting category-leading performance into a compact chassis. HP Z2 Mini G3 Review: A Mighty Mini Workstation : Read more
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    Solved! HP zBook 15 graphics upgraded ideas??

    I would like to make my HP zBook 15 suitable for games like BO3 and Fallout 4 any ideas of what i should get? Im new to gaming on computers and would really like to start gaming thanks in advanced for any advice given.
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    Budget workstation laptop

    I have a limited budget around 1500 and I need a laptop for scientific computation and I wonder which is a better option (might remains turned on for days) Hp zbook g2 ,i7 4800,16 ddr3,k4000 gpu Vs Asus n552 i7 6700 ,16 ddr4 ,gtx 960
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    Engineering Laptop Recommendation 2017

    Hello, I know there are threads out there that I have read, but they aren't as specific as I was hoping to find so I started my own. My last laptop which I received from a family member used just crashed after 5+ plus years of abuse. I am looking at purchasing a new laptop to replace it. I am...
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    HP ZBook 15 Storage Options Questions: mSata, m.2, ssd, hdd

    Hi, I recently purchase the HP ZBook 15 off eBay and had a few questions about the storage options for this machine. i have contacted HP a few times on the phone however the response was honestly rubbish (they didn't understand what i meant by mSATA and M.2 I've also searched the internet for...
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    Is my laptop capable of gaming?

    Okay so I just bought a laptop for University (did not intend for it to be a gaming laptop in the beginning), but as i love gaming since Atari and Sega, I just wanted to know if it was capable of running games well. Laptop: HP Zbook 15 mobile workstation. Here is the System info page contents...
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    zbook 15, memory and storage expantion and dualboot?

    Hello everyone, I'm going to study computer science next year and my university has a killerdeal on a hp zbook 15. Its like 60% of the price you pay in a normal shop. Since I was looking for a laptop this might be an option for me, however I've some questions about this thing (even after an...